how it works
a medium flower piece on your dining table to start your week?
you choose the size, we do the rest.


choose size(s)

small ▪ to brighten up your cozy studio flat or office desk at work?
medium ▪ to give your room a glow?
or large ▪ to bring you fresh aromatic fragrance throughout the apartment?

remember to get a matching vase for the first time if you don't have one!


choose how often and where

once a week? twice a week? once every other week? once a month?
your choice!

off on holiday/business trip last minute?
press pause and resume after you are back

stuck in office all week?
bring your flowers to work by updating your address

You can update your preferences online under , anytime


monitor your spending and no package commitment

just like your octopus card, we have a pre-paid credit system for you to buy/ top-up credit in any amount of your choice on your account

the exact amount will be debited from your paid credit account only 48 hours prior to your committed flower delivery

you will be notified if there is not sufficient credit in your account, at the same time you can track, ask for a refund for your remaining credit at any time under

alternatively, one-off payment is also available for your first subscription experience


flowers at your door!

your friendly flower deliveryman will surprise you every time with our new design of flowers, freshly from the flower workshop

pour them a drink of water immediately to wake them up
You can update your preferences online. Anytime.