how it works
no more traditional ordering system or in search for a decent florist down the road!
spend just a few minutes to order your bouquet on our website simply with a few steps for any occasion


choose size and style

pick the size and style that match with what you have in mind for
any occasion or simply just because

for more personalized style, click here to let us know


add a personalized touch with your message

write us a message that you want to send along with the flowers and we will complimentary print it out on our specially designed gift card


pick your delivery slot

with our flexible delivery times, pick your preferred option and let us know any special delivery instructions

we accept orders latest 2 days in advance, or alternatively contact us for a last minute surprise


 flowers in the right hands!

your friendly flower deliveryman will bring your flowers to your sender with a smile, freshly from the flower workshop

pour them a drink of water immediately to wake them up